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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hot Deals for This weekend

Happy Thursday - The Rain is Still around but this weekend looks to be Clear - Come on outand get your LED accent lights installed at our Doylestown Shop. Discounts offered if jobs Booked in advance

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Early November LED Deals

Come Check out For the Best LED Products on the Net. They carry everything LED to light your Ride. If you need the Products installed in the Pa, NJ Area give Bike Illuminators a call @ 215-510-5245 or email at or if your in the Rochester NY area contact Chrome Glow at - Good Luck and Ride Safe

Friday, October 30, 2009

End Of October Special

Happy Friday to All - Starting Today till next Friday 11/6 we are offering Discounts for LED Installs of all Colors and Multi Colors currently in Stock - Call or Email us if you want to Book a LED Install Job.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This comes as very big news for Harley Davidson owners. Genesis LED Turn Signal Clusters for Harley Davidson bullet style and flat style turn signals are now DOT approved. You can now switch your turn signals over to LEDs without the worry of your bike not passing inspection. Not only is the DOT approval good news but the brightness of these cluster will just blow you away - talk about being safer on road.
These are one of if the best LEDs on the market today backed by the best warranty.Lifetime Manufacture Warranty Against LED Failure!!! Try getting that kind of a warranty from your motorcycle LED turn signals you find on ebay.
Features:- Genesis™ Technology - The Next Generation of LEDs- The Absolute Brightest LED Turn Signal Inserts on the Market Today or Your Money Back- New Easier Install Bases - 1156 or 1157 base with RED or AMBER LED's- Plug and Play - No Cutting, No Splicing- 48 Wide Angle Super Bright Next Generation Genesis LEDs per Cluster- Uses Existing Lens and Bucket
A Dual Load Equalizer may be need if your LED Bulbs flash too quickly
All these LED turn signal clusters and LED replacement bulbs can be found at

Motorcycle Solutions: Color Changing LED Strips#links

Color Changing LED Strips

Finally a color changing Flexible LED accent light that you can easily hide. Chameleonz LED Accent Strips & Kits by Radiantz is the answer.These flexible LED strips are so versatile they can be mounted out of site in just about any application. Measuring a slim .150" thick (just over 1/8") and available in 3 lengths they work perfect for motor lighting, ground effects, saddlebag lighting, or just about anywhere on your bike.Now here's the technical stuff: Each strip illuminates in 7 different colors using the Chameleonz Master Remote Control. You get RED, AMBER, BLUE, GREEN, TEAL, WHITE, & PURPLE.

The Strips: 3 different lengths - 1.5", 6", & 9". Flexible in every direction down to about 1-1/2" diameter. Each Chameleonz LED strip comes with 3M double-sided tape applied to back surface. A whopping 60" wire lead on each strip allowing you to illuminate a front wheel without having to extend the wires.The 1.5" strips have a total of 9 LEDs. The 6" strips have 36 LEDs total and the 9" have 54 color changing LEDs per strip.One of the best features of the Chameleonz Color Changing Strips is that they are sealed water tight with a clear sheathing protecting them from just about any road hazard or weather condition you may encounter. This feature is what makes them work so effectively as LED ground effects or wheel lighting.The Chameleonz Remote: Each remote comes with 2 key fobs allowing you to control the fuctions of the Chameleonz Strips up to 75 feet away. No external switch on the bike to have to turn on when it gets dark! The remote has 7 different functions with a memory that remembers where you left off the last time you shut them off.Mode1) Solid Color - pick from any one of the colors and leave it on that color. Includes 5 intensity levels as well so you can dim down the lights if you would like.Mode2) Flashing Color - make any one color flash in 5 different speeds.Mode3) Color Cycle - Automatically cycles through the colors in 5 different speeds.Mode4) Color Fade & Cycle - Colors will fade on in one color then off and then back on in the next color. This will repeat through all the colors and then start over again.Mode5) Solid Color Strobe - Choose from 5 strobe levels in any one color.Mode6) Multi-color Strobe - Strobes from one color to the next at 5 different speeds.Mode7) Morph - The coolest of all the features. Morphs from one color into the next giving you the appearance of many colors. This mode can be slowed down up 5 times. This is my favorite mode.All the Chameleonz products can be purchased separately or as complete Chameleonz kits. Just visit for all the details. Watch the video.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Changing Color LED lighting - Transform your Ride!!!

I want to let everyone know about this great product I came across - They are a 7 color Led strip that is much like Wizard accent light pods, They are called Chameleonz and they have 3 size strips 1 1/2", 6" and 9" and this awesome controller that gives you the option to breath, Fade, Strobe and change colors to 1 of 7 choices - Red, Blue, Green, White, Amber, Purple and Teal. They will be the hottest products in the market soon. I would suggest you check out Bike Illuminators at for the best deals. They sell them as Kits and do the Installs out of their Doylestown Home Shop - What do you think of 7 color choices when you light your Ride? Here are just a couple previews of how you can transform a Bike with LED light.

LED Lights - Are They Legal in Your State?

In PA - House Bill 901 Allows Motorcycles to Roll in Low Light time frames with LED lights running - It is looked at as a Safety feature to help Bikers be more Visible.

Tell Us what your State is saying about LEDs running on Motorcycles.

If your concerned about if LED lighting is Legal- Read the following information for PA.

HOUSE BILL 901 P.N. 3978


Session of 2005


AN ACT 1 Amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated 2 Statutes, providing for lighting on motorcycles. 3 The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 4 hereby enacts as follows: 5 Section 1. Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated 6 Statutes is amended by adding a section to read: 7 � 4310. Motorcycle lighting. 8 Auxiliary lighting may be added to a motorcycle to protect 9 the driver, including blue dot illumination, standard bulb 10 running lights lightemitting diode (LED) pods and strips 13 Section 2.

This act shall take effect in 60 days from today June 29, 2006